InfraBlockchain-Antelope Block Producer Requirements

What is required to become a InfraBlockchain-Antelope Block Producer node?

There are multiple phases of participation, with each level having more stringent requirements than the previous - this is intended to address the growing requirements of the network over time.

The specifications stated herein are subject to revision, as well as when the network will move from stage to stage - as determined by a vote of ⅔ + 1 of the current Block Producers at the time of the proposed revisions.

Regardless of their level of participation, to participate in the InfraBlockchain-Antelope Network at any phase - Block Producers candidates are required to provide, and abide by the following:

A. Disclosures

  • Block Producer Account Name

  • Block Producer Public Key

Make sure that the following is also available:

  • Unique InfraBlockchain-Antelope block producer account — This should not resemble the name of any current InfraBlockchain-Antelope Block producer Candidates. You can view all of the current Validators and Validator Candidates here.

  • A few servers running infra-node — Virtual machines or even a desktop with a lot of RAM would be ok to start off. Some InfraBlockchain-Antelope Block producers are running on desktop hardware (i7 or i9 chips). You just need to provide the RAM that is required by InfraBlockchain-Antelope Mainnet and it increases at a rate of 1 KB/block currently. It is ~ 12.56 GB at the time of writing this guide.

The next section will guide you through setting up a InfraBlockchain Block Producer node.

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