InfraBlockchain-Antelope Network Resources

Block producers are responsible for providing the network resources required for the InfraBlockchain-Antelope network to function. Just like any application needs resources to run, on InfraBlockchain-Antelope it is also the case. The resources required to run InfraBlockchain-Antelope are CPU, NET and RAM.

CPU is used to describe processing power, measured in microseconds. If a dApp has a lot of complex transactions, it needs more CPU to process transactions. CPU determines how much time a block producer will dedicate to processing a transaction. This needs to be quick, since each block producer is required to produce a new block every 0.5 seconds.

NET is also referred to as network bandwidth measured in bytes. If a dApp handles a lot of transactions, it would require more net.

Last but not least of the InfraBlockchain-Antelope network resources are RAM. RAM (also referred to as data storage cap) is measured in kilobytes. The more on-chain storage an application needs, the more RAM it needs to acquire. RAM is acquired through purchasing and not through staking like CPU and NET. RAM stores all the information considering an account (state) – ownership, keys, balances, etc.

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