Before You Begin

Step 1: Install binaries

To get started as quickly as possible we recommend using pre-built binaries. Building from source is a more advanced option but will set you back an hour or more and you may encounter build errors.

You can find how to build InfraBlockchain-Antelope from source here.

The below commands will download binaries for respective operating systems.

Mac OS X Brew Install:

brew Install is not working now

brew tap infrablockchain/infrablockchain
brew install infrablockchain

If you don't have Brew installed, follow the installation instructions on the official Brew website.

Ubuntu 18.04 Debian Package Install:

sudo apt install ./infrablockchain-2.3.0-rc1-amd64.deb

Ubuntu 16.04 Debian Package Install:

sudo apt install ./infrablockchain-2.3.0-rc1-amd64.deb

CentOS RPM Package Install:

sudo yum install ./infrablockchain-2.3.0-rc1.x86_64.rpm

If you have previous versions of Infrablockchain installed on your system, please uninstall before proceeding.

Step 2: Setup a development directory, stick to it.

You're going to need to pick a directory to work from, it's suggested to create a contracts directory somewhere on your local drive.

mkdir contracts
cd contracts

What's Next?

  • Install the CDT: Steps to install the InfraBlockchain-Antelope Contract Development Toolkit (CDT) on your system.

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