System Parachains

System Parachain includes essential InfraBlockchain protocol functionalities, but these functionalities reside in the parachains rather than Relay Chain. By hosting core protocol logic in parachains instead of Relay Chain, InfraBlockchain utilizes its self-hosting capability through parallel execution, a unique extension technology. The System Parachain removes transactions performing protocol functions from Relay Chain, allowing the Blockspace to be more dedicated to its core functionalities (e.g. parachain validity verification).

The governance of the System Parachain is conducted by Relay Chain and serves as a special parachain for the entire InfraBlockchain network. The System Parachains within InfraBlockchain include:

  • Asset Hub: A system chain governing functionalities related to tokens (e.g. System Token).

  • Bridge Hub: A system chain overseeing bridges between different networks.

Asset Hub


Asset Hub is a system chain within the InfraBlockchain ecosystem responsible for governing functionalities related to tokens (e.g. System Token). It assists token issuers (e.g. System Token issuer) in generating tokens within the InfraBlockchain network, tracking the total token supply (including tokens transferred to other parachains). Additionally, it facilitates the creation, minting, and burning of on-chain assets, managing on-chain assets deposited and created in accordance with Uniques Pallet and the new NFTs Pallet.

Since the token-related logic is executed directly in the runtime rather than through smart contracts, the cost of executing transactions in parachains is approximately 1/10 of that on Relay Chain. This low fee level implies that Asset Hub is well-suited for handling system token balances and transfers, as well as managing on-chain assets across the network.

Bridge Hub

Bridge Hub is a system chain responsible for functionalities related to bridging in the context of building a Federated Multi-BlockChain, where multiple InfraBlockchain ecosystems are interconnected.

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