Deploy ERC721 Contract

This tutorial explains how to deploy an ERC721 token contract on the InfraEVM parachain.

Before you begin

Before you begin, make sure to do the following:

Deploying an ERC721 Token Contract Using Remix

  1. Visit Remix.

  2. Create a workspace. Choose the ERC721 token contract template.

  3. Confirm the created workspace.

  4. Compile the generated code.

  5. Select the network to deploy as Injected Provider - MetaMask and connect MetaMask to Remix.

  6. Before deployment, set variable values such as the owner, and deploy the contract.

  7. If a confirmation window appears in MetaMask, double-check and proceed with contract deployment.

  8. Once deployment is complete, you can verify it in MetaMask as shown below.

Minting NFTs with the Deployed ERC721 Token Contract

This continues from the previous tutorial.

  1. As shown below in "Deployed Contracts," you can see the safeMint function. You can use this function to mint NFTs by filling in appropriate values for 'to' and 'tokenId'.

  2. Press the "transact" button, and a confirmation window for the transaction will appear.

  3. If the transaction is executed successfully, the NFT will be minted, and you can confirm it in wallets like MetaMask under NFT token views.

Moving on to the Next Step

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