Exposes details about how Substrate nodes are constructed and compiled.

The topics in this section provide a more detailed exploration of the code used to construct the runtime logic, including the libraries and tools available for building and interacting with the node and a closer look at how the logic is compiled to build a Substrate node.

  • Remote procedure calls summarizes how you can use remote procedure calls and RPC methods to interact with a Substrate node.

  • Application development introduces the role of metadata and front-end libraries as tools for building applications that run on the blockchain.

  • Chain specification discusses the use of chain specifications, including what you can and can't modify, and how to distribute customized chain specifications.

  • Genesis configuration describes the main elements of the genesis configuration.

  • Build process delves into the details of how the Rust code compiles to a Rust binary and a WebAssembly target and how these two targets are used to optimize node operations.

  • Build a deterministic runtime explains how to use the Substrate runtime toolbox (srtool) and Docker to build the WebAssembly runtime for Substrate-based chains.

  • Troubleshoot your code highlights general and Substrate-specific coding techniques for troubleshooting issues and following best practices.

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