Hot to Get Validator Reward

This tutorial explains how validators in InfraBlockchain can receive rewards.

Before You Start

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In InfraBlockchain, validators are rewarded for block creation and verification. The reward for validators is composed of the fees submitted by users.

This document explains how validators receive rewards.

Reward System

In Infra RelayChain, validators receive a portion of the transaction fees generated in each chain as a reward. Each time a reward is generated, the relay chain can confirm the following event. This event provides information about when (era) and how much reward was generated for which token (asset).

Checking Validator Rewards

You can check how much reward a validator can receive by querying the ValidatorManagement storage.

  1. Access the Portal.

  2. Go to Developer > Chain State > Storage.

  3. Select RewardInfo in the validatorManagement palette.

  4. Enter the address you want to check and confirm.

Receiving Validator Rewards

If it is confirmed that a validator can receive a reward through the above process, you can generate a transaction to actually receive the reward.

  1. Access the Portal.

  2. Go to Developer > Extrinsic > Submission.

  3. Select claim in the validatorManagement palette.

  4. Enter the appropriate value and submit the transaction.

A validator can only receive a reward for one type of system token ID in one extrinsic. If a validator can receive multiple types of tokens, you need to generate multiple extrinsics.

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