Learn the fundamental knowledge about Substrate and blockchain.

Blockchain Basics

Summarizes information about hash algorithms and cryptographic signature methods.

Introduces general concepts, components, and terminology of blockchain.

Explains various network types and node roles.

Explains blockchain consensus mechanisms.

Describes transaction types used in block generation and the basic components of a block.

Explains how transactions are accepted, queued, executed, and included in blocks.

Light Clients Covers content related to light clients.

Substrate Basics

Emphasizes important Rust programming rules, especially when developing Substrate blockchains.

Learn about basic Substrate libraries.

Introduces core components of a Substrate node.

Learn about the basic file structure of Substrate.

Explains storage map data structures used for accounts in Substrate.

Provides an overview of how public/private key pairs generate addresses and identify accounts.

Explains the format of signed and unsigned transactions in Substrate.

Explains how to introduce randomness generation in Substrate runtime.

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