Build a Blockchain

Tutorials give you hands-on experience building a Substrate blockchain, adding features, submitting simple transactions, and observing node operations.

The Build a blockchain tutorials illustrate the basics for working with Substrate-based blockchain nodes, including how to make nodes communicate with each other in a network of peers and how to collect metrics about node operations. In general, you should complete the tutorials in the order listed because they lay the foundation for trying later tutorials or performing more complex tasks. Later tutorials reinforce or expand on the basic topics you learn in the Get started tutorials.

  • Build a local blockchain shows you how to set up and interact with a local node in your development environment.

  • Simulate a network helps you simulate a two-node network using predefined accounts.

  • Add trusted nodes demonstrates how to generate keys and distribute a chain specification to create a small network of trusted validator nodes.

  • Authorize specific nodes illustrates how you can configure a network that has both authorized nodes and nodes with restricted access.

  • Upgrade a running network illustrates forkless upgrades by modifying the runtime for a running Substrate node.

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